May 11, 2009

Twitter's #simplysaturday

The Twittering community knows well that on #followfriday you post the names of people that you think other people should be following on the popular social networking site.

@We_Care_ProJect and I (@llhinkle) began two weeks ago to promote the idea of #simplysaturday. Each week on Saturday, #simplysaturday, Twitter users can post something simple that anyone can do to help advocate for children. Some examples might include:

Posting a link to a blog or community group that is doing great work for children.

Suggesting political action: write to a politician about an issue related to children.

Promoting a solution to a problem in child welfare.

Reminding people to report if they see signs of child abuse with children they know.

You can also check the Twitter search for all the posts by searching the term #simplysaturday. You can check these out even if you are not a Twitter user.

This is just one small way you can help advocate for children.

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