October 19, 2009

Carnival Against Child Abuse for October 2009

In the Best Interest is excited to host the Carnival Against Child Abuse for October 2009. The theme is: Beginner's Guide to Saving a Child. We are seeking submissions on volunteer opportunities, ways to help work to end child abuse and organizations that focus their efforts on this important work.

Nevertheless, we are also accepting generalist posts on child abuse as well in the categories of Advocacy & Awareness, Aftermath, Healing & Therapy,
In the News, and Poetry & Survivor Stories.

To submit, fill out the form here. Submissions are due by midnight on October 28.

Thank you for your commitment to the children!

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  1. Hey, Lynda! Nice to see you back in the swing of things. I'll get this information added to the edition listing at Blog Carnival dot com and I'll also put up a post at my blog. I'm glad you're hosting! :)